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Hello folks!!!

Sorry for not being posting... I have been a bit down lately.. I have BIG problems with myself,my body and how I look like so I wasn't in mood for posting. Now I'm a bit better and I'm all the time trying to accept myself as I am and trying to find me and what's really my style.  It's so stupid when my style changes all the time.... And thats why I never find any nice clothes in the stores and I don't have nice clothes. Mom says it belongs to the age but arghh..

Anyways, I have again 1000000 things to post about so its again a lot of pictures... ='D

I've been helping my mom to find her inner woman teaching her to dress and do her makeup. One day she was going to a party and I found some clothes to her and did her makeup.

She had got a new haircut and now she looks so much younger than she used to!

Laskiaispullia <3

Some random outfit/hair/makeup

And I met pin but I haven't got more pics..
 A super natural school look.. ='D

The sky was sooooooo pretty! <3_<3

He was tired <3

Valdis sent me this ring from Ireland. It's soooo COOL <3

 On Friday the 18th of mars we went to Stockholm cruise with my mom. I tried to find out some outfit for the night. I forgot to take a picture of the outfit I choose, but heres some of my options I didn't choose.

And heres my makeup on Friday morning. 

I have always hated my profile but my mom loves it. She wanted to take a picture of it and show me. It really isn't that bad.. But still I don't like it.

We almost were late but we got on board. We took the luggage to our cabin and went to the deck to see Helsinki from the boat.

 "I see a small house 
Built on the sea
I could live there alone
With a horse and a ukulele

But how do I get there?
What road to be choosing?
When the seasons so high
For losing"

 (Patrick Wolf -The Gipsy King)

It was so windy! And cold... 

Then we went to the buffet. The main courses weren't special but the appetizers and desserts were gdelicious <3

Then we went to Disco 8)

My mom asked the bartedner to do beautiful alcohol-free drinks for two beautifyl ladies. ;D Mmmmmm.. <3

After that we went to a bar where this throubadour sang and played guitar.  I asked her to sing Hallelujah and she sang it for me though it was hard for her. The song was her moms and grannys favorite song and they are both dead. And they played the song in their funerals.. 
So I'm very thankful that She sang it for me.. =)

Then we arrived to Sweden. 

First we walked to Gamla Stan, then to the royal palace and then to the shops.

The day was so sunny. 
 At the moment there were snowing in Finland and in Sweden it was +4 degrees  and sun<3

 We were sooo tired after that day. We walked all together a bit over 23 000 steps.. Usually a walk only 7 000 steps..

I'm satisfied with my shoppings. I needed a belt and jeans and I got them. 

This shirt I found from Vila in 70% reduction. It's very soft and airy cotton shirt for the summer.

 These jeans were from Cubus only 99 SEK (11.10 €). The queue to the fitting rooms were so long and our time was running out so I didn't try them on. Luckily they fit on me!

And then I found this belt for 100 SEK/11.20 €. 

Then we went to NK because a friend told me that there are fabric. I found some white jersey and this super pretty butterfly<3

We were going to go to the sauna and after that to the bar where last night were a troubadour.
 After the sauna we were too tired to do anything so we just went sleeping. ='''D

Me the next morning putting makeup before going to breakfast.

Then we went home!

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☆Jun☆ kirjoitti...

you and your mother so cute :)

Emmis kirjoitti...

Thanks Jun! :)

Valdís kirjoitti...

oikeesti en meinannu tunnistaa Ússaa!!! se on ihan superihana nykyään <3