maanantai 13. joulukuuta 2010


I cant stand that I never post here. But now its understandable, because Ive had for a long time a feeling that I just wanna be alone. Or alone means home with my mom and boyfriend. I havent even been doing anything big lately. Last saturday was a gal meeting but i rather went to Arttus place watching after hes little sister. Some time ago I was a "dresser" in a fashion show (the one who helps the model to dress up and so on...). It was a good experience, and I could do it again. And more often! I could do anything more often thats related to clothes. (like shopping, and sewing, and shopping, reading fashion magazines, shopping..... did I say shopping already????).
 I'm waiting for Christmas and It's not long time I have to wait anymore. Its only 10 days! Its 9 days and then my lovely sister,  who I miss so much, is here! <33

 I'm still working on the Inspiration post. I'm never on the computer so I never have time to look for the pictures... I almost hate to be on the computer nowadays. Okay I dont hate it but I dont like to spend my time on the computer when I could be hanging out with arttu or watching tv with my mom.

 I'm still hoping that I'll learn to write at least once in a week, but only god knows when thats going to happend...

But thats all for today, and no pictures(so you who were complaining about too many pictures at Gal-secrets should be happy now!!!).

Oh BTW, Today I took my extensions and nails off and I feel so ugly ;_;

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