keskiviikko 22. joulukuuta 2010

Designer crush and some other bla blas


I havent got any pictures for you today, because I dont like to download them to my computer, then edit them and bla bla (my computer is so slow.......)

Yesterday Arttu was the last one who went to school in the morning. He called me when I was walking to school, and said he had been locked in to my room AND his phone was in the living room. He had to take a glass slab off the wall over the door and climb over the door through the tiny hole where the glass used to be. I was like WHAT THE XXXX... What if I cant go to my room ever again!!!! I had all my stuff there... Well in the end we had to break the door because we couldn't fix the lock... Now I have a big hole in my door..... -__-

This morning i realized that I have maybe, possibly... PERHAPS money to buy a louis vuitton bag! Of course the cheap one.. But still! I've been saving money for it and My grandmother gave us some money for Christmas present. And If we share the money equally between me, Valdis and mom, I have enough money to buy the bag! But well see. Can be that well going to use the money for some southern travel or something. If so I just have to hold on saving money! Because I really want the bag even If I have to wait for 50 years...

I have a crush on a designer called Zuhair Murad. I love his clothes! They are AMAZING! there were ONE dress I didnt like of 78 outfits.. It feels like I don't have to be a designer because he has already designed all the beautiful clothes that can ever be designed! Visit his website:

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Meri and Anni kirjoitti...

Toi "tarina" kuulosti hauskalta, vaikka uskon ettei se sitä varmasti ollutkaan :'D

Kauniita vaatteita *w*
Toivottavasti saat sen LV laukun!! ^^

Tasja kirjoitti...

Damn you are right!
Those are some awesome dresses <3