maanantai 26. heinäkuuta 2010


Now, finaly as i promised the long-waited LATEST SHOPPING from JAPAN!

I really miss the place. Last night I saw a dream where I was back in Japan. <3

I really spent so much money and i think i spent most of it in lashes lol 8DDD

FIRTS shopping DAY

These were the first magazines we found. We  were sure that we're not going to find any more becaude we looked in every bookstore and family mart, seven eleven and everywhere we saw any magazines but we didn't see Egg or anything. But then finally I bought Egg, Ranzuki, Popteen and one more Ageha =))

The shop assistant who sold these shoes to me was soooo cute! Omg I would lika to have a picture with her <3 And I love the shoes ofcourse too!! <3

Star tights, STARS <3

These two skirts are in fact shorts 8)

Day number 2

We fund this cosmetics store, and I bougth CANMAKE products =)

These I bought in Harajuku.

I think this glue is PERFECT but Pin didin't like it..

The fisrt day in Kyoto

the second day in Kyoto

The shoppings from Avanti. Probably the best shopping place and mall EVER <3

Ageha rated this to be the best lid glue so I had to try it

A box for the lashes =)

En ymmärrä mikä hullutus japanilaisil on laitaa KAIKKIIN rintsikoihin HULLUT toppaukset!
Toisaalta ei se mua haittaa ku saanpahan vähän massaa olemattomaan rintavarustukseeni. 
MUT SILTI liika on liikaa!

My dear Vans had served me for 3 year in summer and winter so they were totally torn and almost unusuable so now they are in some dump in Japan. ;_;
Thank you dear friends, you were amazing <3

Oh dear Avanti <3

A necklace from Cocolulu. I'm sad I didnt find anything more from them. The problem is that very few colors suit me and coco dont use them that much.. I would have bought a knit from them if they had but they didnt =(

Almost everything I bought was about 20 euros. the shoes above were 10 e and the bag below was 20 e.

These t-shirts were 3 e!

This top is from BMB as you can see. I almost bought shorts and a dress from them too but I was stubid and didnt =(

This t-shirt belongs to the dress below

I always mix lashes. these are one of my favourites right now.

Back to TOKYO and shopping in Harajuku

I saw this bag earlier in one shop but in white but they didnt have it in black. I really fell in love with this bag and I'm very lucky that I found it later in black and cheaper than in the other store.

More stars <3

Skirt-shorts thing =)

I am sooo suprised that all bikinis were 100 euros and over! I'm used that set is about 20-30e in finland. like I was so sure I'm going to buy super cute bikinis in Japan but.. I am not going to pay that much for bikinis.
Then I found those upper ones for 40 e in Harajuku and I bought them just pecause I HAD TO BUY some bikinis in Japan and they were under 100 e

Then I found these for 10 e =) Lucky me!

And more lashes!

I really need to practice to use the lid glue. Its not as easy as you could think it is!

Omg these are soooooo amazing. Only 10 e. And I'm wearing them right now! 
So comfortable and cute and I  want more of them 8)

I must say I'm the most pleased of the shoes and bags I bought in Japan. Heres all my shoes I bought and each of them are my favourite shoes right now. I'm looking forward to be able to use the boots when the weather gets colder!
And the best part is that though the heels are very high (highest 12 cm) I actually can walk in them! The Bianco shoes I'm still not yet able to walk in are 10 cm. I thought its because of the heels beeing too high but its not so. Maybe I have to sell them.. =(

Super cool shoes by JSG. I saw them and I just couldnt walk out of the store without them. 
I had some problems with them. Usually my size would have been S but because of my ball of the foot is very wide I had to take size M. But the most importatn thing is that I can walk in them.

And once I'm in Japan I bught myself  a yukata.

The last day shoppings in Harajuku and Shinjuku =)

And then I bought lshes. Lashes, lashes, lashes and more lashes!

Ah dear JAPAN, I MISS YOUUUUU and all your perfectness!

16 kommenttia:

criztinita kirjoitti...

love all your new stuff! :D

Werooh kirjoitti...

Omg... you´ve bought so many pretty things... love the shoesss...<3

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

spoiled kid

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Yhyy miten paljon kaikkea kivaa. ;___;

Lichy kirjoitti...

awww, all things look soooo great! Lucky you! I´m just being curious and if it´s not a big secret - how much did you spend on shopping overall? Great stuff anyways :)

Emmis kirjoitti...

criztinita, Werooh: Haha thanks! I love all the stuff too =))

anonymous/ anonyymi: I've been saving for this for over a year so please don't complain and focus on your own life. I have a right to do with my own money what I want..

JAN kirjoitti...

ohmy those shoes.. love them!!! I'm so jealous :D

cherrydoll kirjoitti...

OMG! I love it all!

Monica Tang kirjoitti...


totally a style icon!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

JES kiva nähä vihdoin mitä ostit!!!!!!!!! hahahahha " ENN OSTANU PALJO MITÄÄ" tossaha o aiva heeeeeeeeemmmetisti kaikkkee !!!!!!!!:D ihaniii noi syömäpuikot ja kynnet ja toi Skirt-shorts thing röyhelökukka<3 millos muistitikku??? :D <3:inka

Alanna kirjoitti...

:D love your purchases,and all the lashes and shoes are <3.Your make up is gorgeous!Are you using all diamond lashes in your photos?:)

Emmis kirjoitti...

Lichy: Well I'm not sure but about 1700 euros, but I did pay most of the hostel fees and metros ans food... =)

Alanna: Thanks!! I really don't remember.. =D sorry ;(

Inka: No mut ostin vaihteeks vaan pikkusälää ja sika vähän vaatteita.. Mut se muistitikku, millo sulle käy? =D

Everyone: Thankssss! <33

chinsa kirjoitti...

ihania ostoksiaaa! *-*♥ kauheeta kun jo pelkkien ostosten kattominen aiheuttaa pahan matkakuumeen ::D

Emmis kirjoitti...

Chinsa: joo mulki on kokoajan semmone haluun takas ostaa lisää kivoi juttui =D

Japan Shopping kirjoitti...

Wow! Very nice stuffs. But I don't have time to visit places for shopping. It's good that these are available for purchase on some online Japan shopping. Thanks for sharing.

Japan Shopping kirjoitti...

Wow! Very nice stuffs. But I don't have time to visit places for shopping. It's good that these are available for purchase on some online Japan shopping. Thanks for sharing.