tiistai 16. maaliskuuta 2010


My friend ordered from Costal Scents and because I have wanted this palette for very long time i bought this on the same time =)
There are 88 very shimmery, pigmented and long lasting.

Then I bought a brush for blusher

And a foundation brush
 I love the pink color in both of them!

Then my mom ordered cosmetics from Dermosil and the package come today.

Lovely and fresh shower gel smells like a mandarin, ofcourse for summer!! =)

My hair is so dry and damaged ;_;

Then the next 6 months I'm gonna get ELLE!

The first magazine came today. =))

What an outfit!!!! So "fashionable" and cool and SO GU! 8DDD

And then few pictures of my lovely boyfriend n_n

And then some random outfit

4 kommenttia:

dokiri kirjoitti...

Omg I have wanted an eyeshadow palette for so long T_T

I am totally loving your outfit:D and your hair, so pretty!

eLä kirjoitti...

Yeah, its amazing! I want the... "not shimmery" version too! =D

Thank youuu =))))

Sanna kirjoitti...

oot kyllä söpis =)
ja oon kans miettiny tota jättipalettia, mut ei viel ainakaa oo ilmestyny. :D

eLä kirjoitti...

Kiitos n_n